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Special Christmas Visitors

Some of these visitors
followed me home;
others needed a formal invitation.
They have all come
to help celebrate
the Christmas holidays.


Meet Sweetums,
the sweetest angel bear.


Adopt your own "Beary Cute Angel" visit the
B.C.A Adoption Agency
Beary Cute Angels made by Lori

Santa stopped by
to share a few laughs.



This is Chrissy.
She is a Christmas Banshee.



Somebody here
better stay outside.



This is Noelle.
She flew over from the Fairy Meadow.


A fairy might follow you home,
when you visit The Fairy Meadow.

Santa sent an elf
to help care for Charlie.



Meet the Net Babies
who came to play here.


The Net Babies came from
Sheriberry Graphics  

Meet Yule,
a mystical Christmas unicorn.


This pixie brought her



She is helping decorate the tree.


This is Thumper,
a Christmas dragon.


Somebunny loves Christmas.


He came from Adopt-A-Bunny

Mistletoe came to visit from

the Enchanted Forest


Please help me find

room on the tree for this


Mr & Mrs Elf came to
get things ready for Santa


This pixie got lost and
just found her way here.


This is a gift to
me from me.



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