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There was magic in those days when I would wake up, look out the window, and see the snow falling.

It would turn the world into a white wonderland just meant for kids.

Of course, there were things that MUST be done.
A snowball fight was on the top of the list,

followed closely by building the biggest and best snowman.

We always went carolling.

Who knew we couldn't sing?

If we were lucky, we would catch one of the good old Christmas movies on TV.

Christmas eve we had the privilege of helping Santa decorate the tree.
He was much too busy to do everyone's tree.

After decorating the tree, came hanging up the stockings. We used Dad's socks because they were big and stretched much more than our own.

We always left home baked cookies and a big glass of milk by the tree. The plate and glass were always empty in the morning.

We stayed up late that night to attend the candle light midnight church service

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