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All these sites have webtv clickable images.
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Many sites have been lost from illegal remote linking.

If you find a broken link, please e-mail me.

animal gifs and backgrounds
gifs, backgrounds
backgrounds, bars, gifs
all bars, lines, dividers
The Dog Pound
dog gifs & backgrounds
Skye's Elegance
glitter gifs, borders and more
Annie's World of Gifs
holidays, Disney and MUCH more
gifs, wavs, midis
all holidays
Mike Saikun's
huge list
Nancy's Place
organized by category
Webtv Email Gifs
large groups by category
Great Gifs To GO
bubbles, neon letters & gifs
Patrick's 4 WEBTV
by subject, Zip to it
Music Graphics Galore
everything musical
Free Webtv Graphics
lines, backgrounds, gifs
Jennifer's Gifs
backgrounds, gifs, lines
The Cottage
gifs, backgrounds
Heather & Warren's Gifs
HUGE, lots of everything
Miss Pita's Domain
mostly non-animated
Fun Gifs
some adult rated
S & D Images
gifs, lines
Marney's Place
animals, astrology
backgrounds, gifs
Stephanie's Sparkling Gifs
neon, gifs, backgrounds
Norma's Unique Gifs
birthday, anniversary, holiday gifs
Ga Girl's Graphics
backgrounds, gifs
Top O Line
backgrounds, gifs
Exclusively Angels All Things Pink
gifs, backgrounds
gifs, backgrounds, holiday
Wolf Graphics
gifs, backgrounds
Homepage Graphics
gifs, lines, backgrounds
sports gifs, background
Granny J's Gifs Galore
gifs, backgrounds
angel gifs
Ty & Surf's
critter, religious, character gifs
Sharron's Space
Spot's Gif Archivecategories, most clickable WWWeb Factory
large, categories
Bettyboop Gif Shoppe
gif, lines, backgrounds
Wiggy's Gifs for WEBTVer's
many pages, variety
Pat's Flat
arranged in rooms
Anne's Place
gifs, backgrounds, holidays
Bev's Medical Gifs
GrannyO's Haven
gifs, bars
Flamin's Florals
gifs, backgrounds, lines
CYNDI'S Sixties Gifs
gifs, backgrounds
The Flower Boutique
all flowers
Realm Graphics
Jill's Cyberdelic Gifs & Stuff
arranged by categories
ZazBear's Wild Kingdom
animal gifs
Leesa's Stolen Gifs
by category
What's My Line?
Watchman1 Graphics
webpage words
Myisabella's Graphics
angels, flowers, bars
Squeege World
Gifs, lines, midis, holidays
Sea of Gifs
rainbow & space gifs
Ginger's Gifs
gifs, Disney, Pokemon
Guru's Graphics
letters and medievil gifs
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there is another page with more sites.


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